Sports Doping and a New Perspective

For those of you with an interest in sports doping, aka performance enhancers, I highly recommend a documentary I just saw on netflix, ICARUS. I have long held the opinion counter to most everyone I know, that performance enhancing drugs are a myth. They will never enhance man’s or animal’s performance beyond their genetic potential.  I have used them during the early part of my racing career on my horses and found them to be a farce. This 2017 Sundance documentary sensation sort of backs my view in that the film maker who was a top amateur cyclist and who competed in a prestigious amateur European event, clean, then again the next year on an intensive doping program of EPO, HGH, Testosterone, etc, actually did WORSE on the stuff! Unfortunately most of the reviews of this film are centered on his adviser, the one time head of the Russian anti-doping program, but it should really be on his personal experiment of riding clean and then doping. Watch it!

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