A 2% iodine in oil counter-irritant injectable had before the FDA stepped in during the  mid-1980’s been a very useful formulation for treating sore horses suffering from strained muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Some of  the commercial brands back  then were Hypoderim (also contained ether) and McKay’s Maxliin.  Now in the 21st century, only a few old timers will even know of this treatment or ever have actually witnessed it.   Plus since the FDA suppression back in the 1980’s,  it has become very hard to obtain  a 2% iodine in almond oil formulation.  Before the mid-1980s, it could have been purchased over-the-counter at many tack shops.  I would go into my trackside tack shop and purchase McKay’s  by the case without a prescription.  Now, the only way is to have your vet write a prescription to a compounding pharmacy that specializes in equine remedies and then hope they know what they are doing which may be a bit too hopeful in this world  of less and less equine knowledge.

Below  is a YouTube video of a thought-to-be promising race prospect Thoroughbred in Argentina that was purchased very sore in late  2014.  He  could hardly walk out of his stall being so lame in his shoulder, nor could he be mounted. The vet thought the old fashion technique of  injecting his shoulder with a 2% iodine in almond oil was the answer, but this formulation is very hard to come by in these post-1980’s times.  Only a few compounding pharmacies specialize in formulating this  injectable. Owner  came to me and I  sent two vials of the above 2% to Argentina  for his treatment.  Vet injected horse twice  in January with a successful outcome.   He raced on April 19, 2015  in a 1000 meter  Handicap as seen below which was his first start back since racing two years ago.  The treated horse went a very spectacular come-from-behind performance going way wide on the last turn.  He is the # 3  horse coming in second.

Bone Spur treatment

Consider one of my favorite medicinal herbs, poke root, Phytolacca which by the way has a common nickname of “cancer root”. I have long made a DMSO tincture of the fresh root to very successful results. One will see mostly warnings out on the internet and in herbal texts against its use, but I am a great fan of it and I am happy to see a wonderful page on the subject by Shabari Bird. Read what she has to say at:

http://www.quantumagriculture.com/artic … bone-spurs


“In 1973, I was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I left Sloan-Kettering Hospital in shock. I was twenty-four years old and an up and rising woman stock broker. My heart longed for nature and I decided to move to my parent’s summer cabin in the Blue ridge Mountains of North Georgia. I had wisely decided to fight back this death sentence. I chose the Gerson regime and fasted on carrot and other vegetable juices for nearly a year. During this time I started my first ever garden. As I planted the veggies and flowers I dug up huge, sometimes four feet long roots.

I had been befriended by some local elders who were teaching me about plants and herbs. Unwisely I decided to put this mystery root in my juicer with carrots. Within thirty minutes I was hallucinating and then came vomiting and frothy diarrhea. This went on for almost eight hours. My neighbors came and sat on the bed and helped the best they could. Since they knew I had cancer, they had assumed I was dying. During that time, I assumed I was dying, in fact I felt so badly, I would have preferred death. Well, death did not come. In fact two weeks later, I was in better health than for the previous two years and all my lymphatic swellings and tenderness in my spleen had completely disappeared. My neighbors commented that I looked and acted like a new and different person.

What was this powerful and magic root? Poke (Ink Plant) root with the genus name of Phytolacca. This plant has become my ally for the forty years since then. I have spent time every year since then studying it, how to use it, how to heal with it, how to harvest it and how to grow it.

My old time Cherokee Medicine teacher had told me about using Poke for Bone Spurs. In the past five years over thirty people I know have successfully dissolved Bone Spurs in the neck, spine and feet using three dried Pokeberries a day for one month.”