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 Post subject: Hemmingway Treatment
PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:18 pm 
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It appears to be a fun and effective way to both treat respiratory illness and get a little tipsy, all on one ounce of rum. Of course, I don't recommend anyone actually try this or any other intoxicating treatment due to liability, but consider it is something I might try on myself if I needed it. Attempting to hold alcohol in one's mouth as instructed below is difficult. If needed, I would use a mixture of colloidal silver and rum to whatever concentration was comfortable. The rum will burn at first, but after 20 seconds or so, the mouth should become mostly numbed.

I have also tried this with an extract of goldenseal and echinacea. It appeared to work even better. The extract was made with 80 proof vodka, so had the same alcohol content as rum but with even more antiseptic action so less could be used. I have used a dropperful of the extract at a time (using the "suck through the teeth" method described below using 1/2t twice) and it seemed to work as well as a tablespoon of rum, so would be a better choice for those who want to limit alcohol consumption.

This method is not effective with plain colloidal silver but instead CS can be nebulized or otherwise misted and inhaled without intoxicating side effects.


Hemingway Rum Treatment

by Ken Welch

In golden days past, perhaps the last days of great American literature, Earnest Hemingway and some friends decided that ordinary drinking was not good enough for real men and sought, without realizing its importance, the fastest way that a person could become seriously drunk. A brilliant method was devised by which the alcohol rich vapor of a high-proof beverage could be drawn into the lungs and go almost instantly into the bloodstream . They called this technique carburation, with a Spanish spelling, and by all accounts they had a wonderful time.

Tuberculosis is a lung disease that his killed millions and is returning to epidemic levels in large areas of the world today. Because the TB organism takes up residence in the lungs, the difficulty of getting medication to the site of infection was a serious barrier to successful treatment. For many years now, effective treatments have included "inhalation therapy" with, you guessed it, alcohol.

The technique for quickly ridding yourself of hostile microorganisms designed to invade the lungs takes advantage of these two relatively unknown facts. You will find that it is remarkably effective.

You will need an ounce or two of a high proof liquor or whiskey at room temperature. 80 proof equals 40 percent alcohol, which seems just fine. Your best bet is a clear or "white" rum that is commonly available (use Bacardi or better quality). Because of the primary ingredient you will not want to do this and drive, or any other meaningful activity for that matter, so bedtime is an appropriate choice. Pour about an ounce of rum in a mug and find a comfortable chair.

Practice breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose for a full minute. You will do this throughout the treatment and you don't want to have to stop and think about it.

Take a sip of the rum - about a tablespoon full.

Hold the rum in your mouth, swishing it around with your
tongue for at least a full twenty seconds.
1. Breathe out through your nose - all the way.
2. Swallow the rum.
3. Take a deep breath in through your mouth, pulling alcohol
vapor deep into you lungs.
4. Hold for five seconds.
5. Breathe out through your nose half way.
6. Inhale through your mouth and hold.
7. If you are pretty sure you've been infected, drive the alcohol
vapor deeper into the lungs by trying to push the air out with
mouth and nose firmly closed (Warning - push gently for only
a short time since pushing too hard could result in ear drum
8. Finally, exhale through your nose again and relax, still
breathing in through your mouth, out through your nose.
9. Repeat steps 1 - 9 with more rum until the rum is gone.

You will find that Papa Hemingway and his buddies did indeed create a marvelous technique for serious drinking. If you have not been infected with the new germ you will simply have had a pleasant and harmless experience with only enough alcohol to make a single weak drink.

As you get into the process, you may become a bit more brave and wish to increase it's potency. You can do this by swallowing half the rum in the mouth in the above process. Then, tilt your head downward and allow the remaining rum to accumulate in the front of your mouth before inhaling. Then breathe in through pursed lips and teeth, allowing the air stream to run right across the top of the liquid. This will pick up a much higher amount of alcohol vapor and may produce a coughing reflex the first time, but you can do it once you know what to expect.

People vary of course, but this is what you should experience IF a bug has been in your lungs for a while. The chest pain that many have associated with pleurisy, an ache that may suddenly appear when you move around, take a deep breath, go into a cold air, etc., will disappear immediately. You will also find, the next morning, that your breathing is easier, and that fluid production in the lungs is slowing down. You will know, without any doubt, that you are feeling better.

The first proof of real effectiveness will appear 12 to 18 hours after the treatment. If you are infected, it will create a massive die-off of microorganisms, and their little dead bodies, toxins, and associated debris must be cleaned up. Much of this will go through the lymph glands under your arms and you will experience an aching sensation there and perhaps some swelling. Since you know what it is, there is no reason to be alarmed. There are products and techniques for aiding the lymphatic system. You might want to see what's available.

You will observe that fluid production will continue to slow down, perhaps getting thicker. You will continue to breathe easier and feel better, despite any soreness from the lymph gland overload. Finally, from 24 to 48 hours after treatment, you may suddenly cough up a gelatinous mass that should be expectorated. It is probably too much to expect that a single treatment will get everything. Consequently you may find that several treatments, four or five days apart are a good idea.

Two important notes:

While this appears perfectly capable of destroying germs that are still in the lungs, microorganisms that move to other parts of the body are a different matter. Colloidal silver is effective for many infections outside the digestive tract.

Unfortunately, this technique is not particularly suited for children, and many of you are worried about your kids. Perhaps colloidal silver used in this manner would provide some benefit.

Best wishes from Houston,

Ken Welch

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