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From the webpage: http://www.healing-from-home-remedies.c ... ritus.html

Hydrogen Peroxide for Urethritus

by Brent M. Davis
(Aloha, Oregon)

Nonspecific Urethritus CURE, with injected 2cc/2ml of 1.5% Hydrogen Peroxide, two or three times a day.

Back in my late 20's,...I developed a Urethra infection which was never cured with any of the antibiotics. Instead, the Anti's would decrease the amount of pus from the infection,...but never cure the infection ! Both Women and Men are affected with these various Non-Specific infections, as to how many have now been identified by the Medical Community is unknown to me,..but I discussed the Non-Specific infections with all of the 5 Doctors I had seen/gone to in the late 70's and early 1980's and what they said is that typically the Laboratories could not isolate most of these infections, and so the CURE was not at hand.

In my CASE,...I could tell that the infection was near or in the urethra, that went through the Prostate. One could feel the infection in that area and mornings and afternoons would produce a drop or two of pus leakage from the
penis, crusting up one's underpants etc. Too,..the infection created a slight burning sensation during urination and
so that story continued for 3 to 5 years. I could blabber on about this crap, but lets get with a Cure,...which after 2 years, hadn't been a result of the best Medicine I could find anywhere in the Northwest. The Hydrogen Peroxide cure I easily found was this, and it's only for my diagnosed Non-Specific Urethitis(SP) that couldn't be touched or for that matter cured, up into the early 1980's. You'll need to find a 4 to 8cc syringe,...a plastic one preferred, so you
can easily round off the sharp EDGE of it's output, that when you insert it into your urethra/end of penis or in women the other part.

You dilute the 3% Hydro to 1.5% via tap water. From that solution in a small cup, or premixed as 1.5%, in an old Hydrogen Peroxide container. Draw into your syringe at least 2 CC's of this 1.5%,...and after urinating inject this amount into your Urethra, up into and past the Prostate, or if you figure the infection is below, in or above the Prostate,..simply feel for what will be instant relief, as the 1.5% starts to bubble away at the infection. Hold the tip of the Syringe SEALED in the end of the Penis/womens part,.. and keep it sealed against the syringe tip, by clamping the end of the penis closed, using the emptied end of the syringe as the Urethra plug. Hold this dilute solution of Peroxide in your Urethra for 25 to 35 seconds,..and then removing the plug/syringe, as you will have a sensation of peeing, as part of the infection fluids and 1.5% hydrogen peroxide are expelled. Repeat this twice in the morning,..after your first pee,...then do it again by 12:00 or after lunch time,...or anytime you can see a pus discharge. When you get home after work or after slapping your lying boss around,..then do it again before Dinner,...and before your lazy ass gets to bed !

What you will notice, that in a few days the Pus discharge will gradually decrease on it's own,...BUT,..your going to have to repeat this procedure for 3 to 5 or 6 weeks in a row to usually Nail the infection so it may not come back ! I say may not,..because although I nailed MY infection on the first Go-Round after 3 weeks of this procedure the first
time, came back about 5 months Later and so I did the same again once more,...and it's never come back 35 years later ! OH,...on my second Cure procedure,...I was adding a few drops of IODINE, into the 1.5% solution of Water and Hydro, in the supply cup,..and what was interesting about that was the mild reaction of Iodine, such that the Iodine is consumed or is instantly missive in the 1.5% Hydro, releasing some amount of hydrogen as bubbles liberated from the Hydro etc.

SO,...if this a general CURE for Non-SPecific Urethritus ? ? Well the Doctors were never informed as to my remedy,..and indeed Urethra infections can occur all the way up the Urethra and into the Bladder I'm sure,..and so I'm wondering if this augmented type of treatment, might be just the thing for Bladder infections of the Nonspecific type just as well ? ?
I know Women in particular suffer what are called Bladder infections quite a bit more than Men usually are I THINK,.and from what I've read and heard these infections ARE often times on a Recurring basis,..after virtually
all of today's Antibiotics do not produce a Cure that is lasting,..but instead need to be revisited as MY infection was, another bacteriostatic antibiotic,...which in many cases only brings temporary relief from the infection otherwise. That's it from here,

Brent Davis, Eng., Tech.

Interesting! I have a similar UTI of whch antibiotics seem to be of little help and will try it. I plan to use a urinary cathether and not use his syringe in penis technique. I am not sure 1.5% dilution would be the best to use here though. It seems rather strong to me. Dr. Farr MD, who is the father of hydrogen peroxide therapy and has injected it in joints and blood stream recommends a 0.0375% to .3% concentrations which is way weaker than this chap's 1.5%! It might be prudent to start out with the weaker solution and see how it goes?

Dr. Farr often used .15 to .3% concentrations in acute pathologies with good results. The general rule is that the more acute the disease, the greater the amount of peroxide which will be needed. Chronic cases should be treated with the weaker 0.0375% dilutions. One should look for a clinical response and go from there on how to prescribe dosages and dilutions of hydrogen peroxide.

Using the common 35% food grade H202 as your stock solution, you would do the following to get .0375% and .15 % injectable concentrations:

For the .0375% solution of a 250cc volume you would add .268 ml of the 35% stock solution to 250cc of sterile water. Yes, to be correct you would only use 249cc and change of water, but the volume is so small and the concentration not that vital, that just rounding the water off to a full 250cc to get roughly your .0375% of Hydrogen peroxide. is acceptable

For the .15% solution of a 250cc volume, you would add 1.07 cc of the 35% stock solution to your 250cc volume of sterile water to get approximately a .15% H202 solution. This is close enough.


One might also consider adding colloidal silver to this solution.

Colloidal silver combined with H2O2 is quickly proving to be an effective combination. This combination can be used in oral, IV and external treatments. Please keep in mind that IV treatments should be considered highly experimental.

Adding H2O2 to a completed batch of colloidal silver ionizes silver particles remaining in the solution. In fact, observations demonstrate that extremely small amounts of ionic silver often plate onto glass surfaces. By taking a glass dropper exposed to colloidal silver and adding a 3% H2O2 colloidal silver solution, this reaction becomes visably evident as the metallic silver is ionized.

According to Water and Science Technology, Volume 31 5-6, a 1000:1 solution of colloidal silver to H2O2 is sufficient to increase the efficacy of colloidal silver by up to 100 times under some circumstances ( which remain unknown ) against bacterial infections.

High H2O2 colloidal silver strengths can be used externally with fine results. A 3% H2O2 colloidal silver solution can be mixed and used as an excellent disinfectant and water treatment method, and can be used as a skin cleanser/conditioner for healthy skin tissues.

H2O2 as an addition to colloidal silver is not very well documented although the mechanisms at work are. Two treatment philosophies prevail:

1) Using colloidal silver to augment H2O2 therapy. A 1:1000 colloidal silver to H2O2 solution is created. It is wise to dilute the H2O2 down to the desired concentration, and then add the small amount of colloidal silver to the end solution. Then, one uses this end solution as one normally would in H2O2 therapy. Adding three drops of a 3% H2O2 solution to six to eight ounces of water for internal use, as previously mentioned, is the standard recommended starting point ( see section below for more information ). For external use and for use as a mouthwash, the 3% end solution need not be diluted. The H2O2/colloidal silver external solution is EXCELLENT to treat ear conditions and infections that use the inner ear as an "incubation chamber". CAUTION: A 3% H2O2 solution created from colloidal silver is much more reactive than a standard 3% H2O2 solution. If one has experienced chronic ear or other tissue infections, unpleasantness can be avoided by using a 1.5% dilution. Simply take the 3% end solution, and dilute it further.

2) Using H2O2 to augment colloidal silver therapy. Adding small amounts of H2O2 to a final colloidal silver batch prior to use both enhances the colloidal silver and provides the benefits associated with hydrogen peroxide use. All dosage levels for hydrogen peroxide should be tailored to personal tolerance levels and used with informed caution.

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