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Bladder Ozone Protocol
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Author:  DougA. [ Wed Mar 17, 2021 10:39 am ]
Post subject:  Bladder Ozone Protocol

Bladder Ozone Protocol for Interstitial Cystitis by Dr. Tom Messinger

I have had really good success with Ozone insufflation into the bladder also.
I usually start low dose since I am careful not to flare the IC because that can make the pt miserable and the bladder mucosa is susceptible. I haven't gone up to 60 gamma as Howard, but may try that if symptoms are not resolving
Here is the dosing that I use:
• Initial treatment 5 cc Ozone at 5-9 gamma.
• Increase each treatment by 5 gamma until you reach 30-35 gamma. Catheter wastes 2cc so need to add extra 2cc to compensate
• Each tx increase volume by 5 cc until final volume is 60cc. Judge how fast to increase dose based upon response
• For flares or severe cases, pt should have treatments daily until pts are significantly improved. Then decrease to every 3-4 days until problem is completely resolved
• Moderate cases 2-3 x per week
• Mild cases weekly treatments

• Many pts need a booster treatment every 3-6 months to stay permanently sx free
Insert catheter, drain urine, put in ozone, remove catheter and pt remains supine for
20 minutes
I have found that having the pt stay supine for the 20 minutes post treatment definitely improves efficacy.
I think we get the catheters from Longevity

I will also do this in conjunction with the Frankenhauser injection, maybe 1-2 times per month

While some pts have resolution,I have had some patients who had improvement but continued to have lingering symptoms or recurrent flairs. I recently started using a company called Microgen, they do DNA PCR testing of urine. I spoke with a Functional IC specialist, Ruth Kriz, who told me about this lab. Her practice is seeing pts with IC from all over the world, and she said IC definitely has an infectious etiology. She said using this lab revolutionized her practice. So in stubborn cases not fully responding to ozone, I suggest trying this lab to get more info for treatment options

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