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PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2020 10:54 pm 
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I've been a regular readervisitor of the prostatitis webiste and newsgroup for quite some time and wanted to share a treatment that has basically saved my life. I contracted chronic bacterial prostatitis when I was 20, after having sex with a woman who had severe bladder problems (probably IC). Soon afterwards, I was diagnosed with Non-Specific Urethritis that led to prostatitis. My symptoms included irritation, burning sensations, bladder frequency, and initially, even a mild discharge. My sex drive dropped to near zero, and I began wondering if anything would help. I stayed on antibiotics for a months on end and felt better while I was on them, but as soon as I discontinued them, the pain returned almost immediately.

Eventually, I went to a Dr. that did bladder irrigation. It changed my life.
Many prostatitis sufferers have gone in for a cystoscopy, and had their bladder filled with distilled water while it was examined. Most report that their symptoms are greatly reduced after receiving the procedure. My own opinion is that it serves to wash out the prostate and bladder, clearing out congestion and trapped bacteria for at least a little while.
It makes sense to me that if you could wash out the bladder and prostate with an anti-microbial (provided that was your problem), it might be a better way to get medicine directly into the regions of the prostate that need it the most, and server to irrigate out built-up congestion and even perhaps some blockages.

The first MD I saw gave me a bladder irrigation (don't worry, if you do kegels during the instillation, it also gets into the prostate) of silver nitrate. This burned worse than anything I can remember. It made even a tiny amount of urine feel like I hadn't gone in ten days, and I'm not kidding. I never would have tried to drive myself home if I had known how hard it would be to cope with. However, after the symptoms of the irrigation subsided, I began to notice that my prostatitis symptoms were gone. Completely. I was, for the time being, cured. However, I drank a large quantity of beer (making up for lost time) and the symptoms eventually returned.

But, I did discover that as long as I stayed away from alcohol, (in any amount) that a bladder irrigation with silver nitrate, or DMSO (sometimes mixed with hydrogen peroxide) would cause my symptoms to go into complete remission, to the point where I was no longer even aware of them. I found that I could stay like this until I accidentally ate food prepared in wine or some other type of alcohol (the bane of my existence).

So, if anyone is intersted in this protocol, go to your Dr. and ask if they do bladder irrigations. If so, see with what substances. If your condition is extremely painful or has an active, irriated infection, try to get it under control first, or have them use a *very* weak solution (cut with distilled water or saline) to get your symptoms under control. If abx can get your symptoms reduced to where you have little pain or otehr symptoms, have them use a 60% solution of RIMSO (pharmaceutical grade DMSO)and water or saline. You might even want to aask them if they would consider mixing it with hydrogen peroxide. That particular mixture has worked very, very well for me, and if not mixed too strongly, is fairly mild on the system.

If you are willing to undergo some pain, and do NOT have a current painful infection, you might want to see if they will try silver nitrate. Do this only if you are feeling OK, but know you will relapse after going off of antibiotics or another medication. You simply cannot use this if you have a bad infection or if your pain is not under control.
Once again, it amy be worth it to you. If it hadn't been for excessive drinking, I probably would have never had a relapse of my symptoms and wouldn't even be writing this now. My prostatitis was totally gone for over 1 year.
In closing, I should mention that this procedure works best for people who know they have a problem related to infection or an initial infection. If you are only suffering from benign enlargement, I doubt it would do much to help you.

For more info, look up DMSO on the web, or consult your MD. NEVER try this without a doctor's medical supervision. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

Good luck!

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