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 Post subject: Hashimoto and iodine
PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2020 4:58 pm 
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Why does iodine work for Hashimotos?

There are many healthcare professionals that are warning of the terrible consequences for
those with Hashimotos who take high doses of iodine. But they are VERY wrong. The lack of
iodine is actually part of the reason as to why Hashimotos has occurred. Iodine is needed to
support the body in balancing this autoimmune condition. There are several things that you
need to look at and consider when listening to these doctors warnings.

a. How much iodine do they discuss? In most cases they discuss microgram (mcg) or low
milligram (mg) dosing in the examples they site that had outcomes resulting in disaster.
Yes, this is exactly what may happen. In some individuals when given microgram
amounts you do “stoke the fire” and cause an increase in antibody attack on the thyroid
gland. That’s not what we teach.

b. Where do they stop their discussion? In watching many videos and reading the articles
of the doctors sounding the alarm, they take iodine through the biological process in the
gland where iodine enters the cell and is oxidated from iodine to iodide and then they
exclaim – “See the oxidation creates inflammation and that increases antibodies.” Right
again! But there is one problem. The body’s process doesn’t stop there. When iodine
is supplied in levels OVER what is needed to create thyroid hormones there is a magical
substance that is created called iodolipids. These iodolipids are the regulatory factor on
the oxidation process. Iodolipids, when created, will put the brakes on the oxidative
process before it runs out of control and “burns” the cells creating an inflammatory
response. The body sees inflammation / abnormal cells and creates and antibody attack
against them as a natural response. The key is to stop this from occurring.

c. Where they go wrong. Dr Brownstein has written about this in his book Iodine Why you
Need it Why You Can’t Live Without It. He has determined that when iodine is supplied
in amounts 100x the RDA of 150 mcg (or 15 mgs) that the body will begin to create
these iodolipids. So you can see that giving microgram amounts causes a big issue for
those with Hashimotos. In this case the mantra of “low and slow” can actually create a
bigger issue. This causes many to give up on iodine because their condition seems to
worsen. So the next time you see a doctor or listen to one that discusses the dangers of
high doses of iodine for Hashimotos ask them…. “What about the iodolipids?”

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