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I have never used the two together, but find the below protocol intriguing. From: ... g75Dae2-ZE

It has been suggested by various studies that DMSO is attracted to cancer cells. This was shown by one study that combined DMSO with haematoxylon (a common microscope stain) in which only the cancer cells seemed to absorb that stain while normal cells were not stained. So, perhaps the premise for this protocol among others would be that DMSO would directly carry Vitamin C into cancer cells. Note, that DMSO by itself has been shown in the lab to be anti-tumor as well.

Stacy Jett writes about her experiences using this protocol for a metastasized melanoma. It had spread to her pelvis. She begin using a number of alternative methods including the Budwig protocol, diet change, various herbs, as well as the Vit C/DMSO protocol.

She became intrigued with DMSO/Vit C when she heard about a young boy with terminal cancer being cured by it. He used 7 drops of DMSO in 1/2 cup of water + tsp of Vit C (sodium ascorbate) twice a day. She increased that formula to 1/2 cap full of DMSO, 1 tablespoon of Vit C in 12 cup of water and in 3 months, she came up cancer scan free.


PLoS One. 2012; 7(4): e33772.
Published online 2012 Apr 17. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0033772

Dimethyl Sulfoxide Promotes the Multiple Functions of the Tumor Suppressor HLJ1 through Activator Protein-1 Activation in NSCLC Cells

In summary, our results suggest that DMSO is an important stimulator of the tumor suppressor protein HLJ1 through JunB and JunD activation in the highly invasive lung adenocarcinoma CL1–5 cells. This study is an important contribution both for the knowledge of the regulation, function and biomedical relevance of the tumor suppressor protein HLJ1 and for the understanding of the biological effects and mechanisms induced by DMSO. Our results also implied that DMSO may serve as a lead compound or ligand for the development of anticancer drugs that induce HLJ1 expression and regulate cell migration/invasion and cell proliferation-related pathways. These efforts will help us to develop not only the novel anti-cancer drugs for lung cancer progression but also new therapeutic strategies for the disease. For instance, a therapeutic strategy combining both induced expression of HLJ1 by DMSO-derived analogs and irradiation would synergistically increase the efficacy of radiotherapy and prolong lung cancer patient survival.

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