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PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:17 am 
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Many of you may never have heard of Quantum Entanglement, but I think it may have a huge influence on health and how to treat disease. The below link gives an excellent theory on how it may work and how photons are involved. Photons? Yes, light. Light has long been considered a medicinal factor with our health, whether it comes directly from the sun or from man-made light devices like LEDs or lasers.

Another interesting video on WHAT IS LIGHT? that involves the rope theory and can be applied to theraputeic LEDs and lasers:

Bill Gaede is an interesting controversial character as is his rope theory. He has many detractors, but I have to admit the fundamental basic mechanics of his theory is the only one I have ever read that makes some sense when it comes to Quantum entanglement and light. As one reviewer wrote:

His advocates have listed a few of the problems with quantum that his hypothesis can explain. I am not exactly certain I could argue vehemently for all of them but I certainly could for most of them. It explains why the electron simultaneously has wave, particle and cloud like properties. Why the electron does not spiral into the nucleus. Why electric lines of force begin and end on charge. Why electrons appear to travel faster than light. Why light travels in both directions, from one atom to another and vise verse. To actually dismiss his theory out of hand without arguing with someone who can actually believe in it and be academically capable is not science its dogmatism. String theory has indicated a similar approach but failed to deliver certain evidence but no one questioned the initial concept out of hand. I believe there is sufficient attractive ideas with his theory to not discount him as a total crank with nothing of interest to investigate.

Here is a Red & Near-infrared laser in action. It works on many medicinal levels. Why? the above theories may be part of the explanation?

laser 1.jpg

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