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Marc Seifer facebook post:

The Covid Nightmare: A Quick Solution Out Of The Pandemic

Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D.

© 12/28/2020 –

Living in this 21st century, we have a certain arrogance because of all our human accomplishments, many which have appeared in the last hundred and fifty years, e.g, electric lighting, the induction motor and hydroelectric power system, the automobile, the airplane, radio and TV, remote control, the atom bomb, the discovery of antibiotics like penicillin, the polio vaccine, the home computer, the smart phone. As advanced as we are, we are still new kids on the block. For instance, we still use a rather primitive rocket propulsion system to escape the Earth’s gravity, we have yet to find a cure for numerous diseases such as Alzheimer’s, muscular dystrophy, ALS, MS or pancreatic cancer, and although we landed a man on the Moon, we are still a far cry from the promises of such sci-fi movies as 2001: A Space Odyssey or Star Trek.
Because of our advances, we have blinded ourselves to our true situation, which quite frankly is a level of ignorance so rampant that we have become slaves to a tiny string of RNA that has devastated our way or life and killed worldwide nearly two million people. At the time of writing, December 28, 2020 we are looking at 3,000 people in America dying a day with a total death toll of 333,000, with a mathematical certainty of another one hundred or two hundred thousand dead before the vaccine kicks in if, and this is a humongous “If”, if the ramifications of this essay continues to be ignored. Because the simple truth of the matter is that a cure for killing the Covid virus exists, and it has existed as you will see – for decades!
The reason for this pandemic boils down to a FALSE PREMISE and that FALSE PREMISE is that the only way to kill Covid-19 is to wait until Big Pharma comes up with a vaccine. At this moment in human evolution, the ruling elite have determined wrongly that there is no cure for killing viruses. And this simply is not the case. The cure for killing Covid-19 is OZONE THERAPY. However, if you take a moment and Google that topic, you will see at the top of your search engine the determination by the FDA that “Ozone is a toxic gas with no medical application.” The simple and painful fact of the matter is that if this blanket statement can be proven to be wrong then this FDA proclamation is the primary cause for this Covid catastrophe that we are all experiencing.
On August 22, 1980, Science published the following article: “Ozone Selectively Inhibits Growth of Human Cancer Cells,” by Sweet, Kao and Lee. If these three scientists are correct then the FDA has made a monumental mistake. In 1989, the New York Health Department with the backing of the FDA prosecuted Robert Atkins, MD (the Atkins Diet doctor) for using Ozone Therapy for treating cancer patients. Because Atkins was wealthy, he was able to endure the $1.5 million dollars in legal costs for his defense, and he won the right to continue using Ozone Therapy because Judge Greenfield ruled that the NY Health Department acted capriciously in providing no proof to support their attack against Atkins. Because of that ruling, it is legal to treat people in New York with Ozone Therapy. Thus, that lawsuit also set a precedent to allow medical doctors to treat patients with this method legally in many other states as well.
In 2001, which is twenty years ago, a truly quantum-shift worthy discovery was made by chemist Paul Wentworth, Ph.D. from Scripps Institute when he found that our own antibodies produce ozone for the express purpose of disabling incoming pathogens including microbes, bacteria and viruses. How is it possible for the FDA to have ignored that finding? Based on my research, I found to my astonishment that we produce about 200 billion red blood cells and 10 billion white blood cells a day. The white blood cells produce antibodies at a rate of about 2,000 per second. Assuming the work of Wentworth and his colleague, Richard A. Lerner, MD is correct, this suggests that our body is producing a hell of a lot of ozone literally every second of every day to help keep us safe.
In April of 2020, after learning of the success Ozone Therapists were having in treating Covid-19 in over a dozen hospital in Italy, a Texas health clinic began to offer Ozone Therapy as a treatment for Covid-19. The FDA moved swiftly, and well before the month was out, a federal court slapped on a permanent injunction preventing this clinic from using “so-called ozone therapy as a treatment for Covid-19.” Taking what they presented as the moral high ground, the FDA proclaimed that this health clinic “preyed on public fear, peddling bogus treatments that had absolutely no effect against Covid-19…. As we’ve said in past Covid-19 cases: The Department of Justice will not permit anyone to exploit a pandemic for personal gain.” Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt of the Justice Department’s Civil Division went on, stating, “The Department of Justice will not stand by and permit the fraudulent promotion of supposed Covid-19 treatments that do no good and that could be harmful…. We are working with law enforcement and agency partners to stop those who attempt to profit by selling useless products during this pandemic.” (Court prohibits Dallas Wellness Center from touting ‘Ozone Therapy’ as Covid-19 treatment – FDA).
How noble of the Justice Department to protect us because the FDA has proclaimed that, “Ozone is a toxic gas with no medical application.” The fact that Assistant AG Jody Hunt completely ignored the twenty or more medical doctors from Italy who found that Ozone Therapy was indeed helping Covid-19 patients, and also ignored the twenty-year old discovery from Scripps Institute that our own immune system produces ozone for the express purpose of disabling pathogens is inexcusable. Nevertheless, the Department of Justice had ruled and the lemmings fell in line.
At the end of June, the Texas Medical Board softened this ruling allowing Ozone Therapy to be used with patient’s consent “as long as the physician documents that he or she has tried other conventional methods if any exist,” but the damage had been done. Along with the FDA, Google has buried this counter-decision and the end result is that no doctor that I know of who is not already an ozone therapist won’t touch this procedure with a ten-foot pole. Nor will the science writers for such newspapers as The Boston Globe, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, etc. or such talking heads as Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Sanjay Gupta, Norah O’Donnell, Lester Holt, Chris Wallace, etc., etc, act on this information. And thus the efficacy of Ozone Therapy has been overlooked by the President and Vice President, President Elect and Vice President Elect, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, Governor Cuomo, Governor Newsom, Governor Baker, Governor Raimondo and a dozen other governors, forty+ US Senators, the presidents of every Ivy League university and numerous other VIP’s that I have contacted because all they read is that “Ozone is a toxic gas with no medical application,” and then their brains shut off.
What I am saying is that if the information herein is acted upon, the vast bulk of the 150,000+ Covid patients in ICU’s throughout the country would be walking out the hospitals free and clear of the disease within about a weeks’ time and with continued use of this method, this crazy nightmare would end quickly. Further, this simple move would also save easily several hundred thousand lives.
The story began for me in 1984 which was the first time I ever heard of Ozone Therapy. During that Summer, I was invited to speak at the First International Tesla Conference held in Colorado Springs. I was still working on my doctorate which was centered on explaining how such an important inventor could disappear from the history books, and I had put together a story of Tesla’s life illustrated with about 100 slides.
One of the other speakers was Dr. George Freibott who talked about Ozone Therapy. Dr. Freibott was there because Nikola Tesla had invented and patented an ozone generator in 1896 and so he is an important hero for ozone therapists. Dr. Freibott stated that he had injected 97% pure oxygen and 3% ozone into the bloodstream of a patient dying of cancer, his body riddled with tumors. This therapy caused the tumors to be “shed” and the patient was healed. Although I thought the story astounding, I found confirmation of this claim in the 1980 Science article cited above, and so included both pieces of information in my biography WIZARD: The Life & Times of Nikola Tesla, which was published twelve years later in 1996.
If we jump 25 years to the present day with my book still often listed as a #1 seller on Amazon having sold over 100,000 copies, I can state with great certainty that not a single individual who ever read my book had ever contacted me with regards to Dr. Freibott’s findings. And frankly, I gave it little thought until Covid-19 reared it’s ugly head. That would be in February of 2020. I said to myself, hmmm, maybe I should look at Ozone Therapy as a possible treatment for Covid. If indeed, it was able to thwart tumor growth of cancer cells, perhaps there is something to it.
In very short order I came upon the work of Dr. Howard Robins and Dr. Robert Rowen, two doctors who flew to Sierra Leone in West Africa in 2014 to teach Ozone Therapy to medical personnel there as a way to combat Ebola. Since that was only a few years ago, I remembered my own fears being aroused that this horrible disease had once again emerged. Since Dr. Robins was from New York, and I grew up there, I decided to give him a call. He could not have been nicer. He told me that he and his colleague, Dr. Rowen had prepared an article on Ozone Therapy as a way to treat Covid-19 which would be coming out in the March issue of the peer reviewed Journal of Infectious Diseases.
What immediately occurred to me is the simple question of what kind of person would travel to an Ebola hot-zone? It would have to be someone either totally crazy or someone who knew exactly what they were doing. Here I was, somewhat afraid to go to the local CVS without a mask because of Covid, and these two doctors were going to a location where a much more dangerous virus was spreading wildly. After speaking with Dr. Robins with follow-up conversations with Dr. Rowen I became aware that these two medical practitioners had been Ozone Therapists for over 25 years apiece by 2014 having performed various forms of Ozone Therapy for, hold onto your hats, hundreds of thousands of times!
I’m a handwriting expert. I know my business and I know the difference between a true expert and someone talking through their hat. These two gentlemen were true professionals. Having performed Ozone Therapy hundreds of thousands of times, they didn’t believe that Ozone Therapy would kill the Ebola virus, they knew it. There is difference between belief and knowledge, it is the difference between opinion and direct knowledge. As Dr. Robins told me, he knew that “ozone therapy kills viruses,” and that is why he agreed to accompany Dr. Rowen on that venture.
When they arrived in Sierra Leone, they were greeted heartedly by Dr. Kojo Carew, a national hero having treated countless wounded soldiers and civilians from a civil war just a decade earlier.
Over the next few days, Dr. Carew gathered together over 50 doctors and nurses who were treated with Ozone Therapy and taught how to administer this method to Ebola patients. Simultaneously, the American doctors were invited to meet Ernest Bai Koroma, the president of Sierra Leone who invited them back to his home where they gave him ozone therapy as protection against Ebola.
At the end of the week, the Sierra Leone medical personnel were about to begin treating actual Ebola patients. However, an order came down from the World Health Organization stating in no uncertain terms that if a single Ebola patient received Ozone Therapy all funding by WHO would cease. Since this amounted to many millions of dollars, the Minister of Health overrode the wishes of the President Koroma and the two American doctors returned to America in great disappointment.
This, however, was not the end of the story! During the next several weeks, six doctors became infected with Ebola. The four doctors who clandestinely received Ozone Therapy were healed after about a week, whereas the other two doctors who sought an alternative treatment died. Drs Rowen and Robins now had the data they needed and along with Dr. Kojo Carew and two other doctors, they wrote up their findings in the African Journal of Infectious Diseases.
Now, when Covid-19 broke, the two American doctors were motivated to tailor their report for this new virus, feeling compelled to get the report published as soon as possible as every day became crucial. The sooner Covid-19 was treated with Ozone Therapy, the sooner the pandemic would be curtailed. On March 6, 2020, their article “A Plausible Penny-costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus – Ozone Therapy,” was published in the prestigious peer reviewed American Journal of Infectious Diseases.
Since I had interviewed each doctor at length and studied additional articles, in particular MERS, SARS, Coronaviruses and Ozone Therapy by Gerard Sunnen, MD, and also spoken to Dr. Sunnen, I assumed after sending this information to Dr. Fauci and other key doctors, that this therapy would now be tested with existing Covid patients.
Then, on April 8, 2020 a watershed article written by Rhian King appeared in The Ibizan. Dr. Alberto Hernandez working with Covid-19 patients at the Rosary Polyclinic in Ibiza Spain wrote that instead of putting his Covid patients on ventilators, he gave them ozone therapy, and after just a few sessions, “the results were spectacular!” Since literally tens of thousands of people were dying on ventilators, I naively assumed that once this article was brought to the attention of TIME magazine, The New York Times and comparable newspapers, to TV talking heads, 60 Minutes and numerous elected officials, all who I contacted, I thought Ozone Therapy would now be taken seriously. But virtually none of them got back to me.
Since I live in a very small state where everyone knows everyone, I also naively assumed that if I wrote our elected officials like Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse, Congressmen David Cicilline (who I worked for when he was a lawyer), James Langevin and Governor Gina Raimondo that they would support my efforts to seriously consider the information presented. But that’s not what happened. In April, I got an open letter to Governor Raimondo published in the Narragansett Times suggesting that clinical trials begin for Ozone Therapy, and still no response from her. A dozen letters later including the groundbreaking information that follows and still no response whatever. And no response from Governor Cuomo, Governor Newsom of California, Governor Baker from Massachusetts and a dozen other governors, Senators Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Diane Feinstein, Kirsten Gillibrand, Mayor DeBlasio of New York City and many others.
Then Dr. Alberto Hernandez completed his clinical study. Working with four other medical doctors, they chose 18 Covid patients and randomly split them into two groups. The 9 who got Ozone Therapy were out of the hospital on average of seven days as compared to the control group of 9 who averaged twenty-eight days in the hospital before their release. Having taught statistics at Roger Williams University, I recognized that this study, although small, is statistically significant. Simple logic and common sense also supports the ramifications of this finding.
Ozone Therapy kills viruses. Based on my research, particularly on the findings of Wentworth, Rowen and Robins and Gerard Sunnen it became clear that Ozone Therapy will disable the Covid-19 virus in three major ways. Ozone Therapy will:
1. Punch holes in the lipid envelope (outer skin) of the virus. Since viruses have no means of self-repair, that means the virus will die.
2. Disable the ability of the virus to bond to the host by disrupting the sulfur-hydrogen molecules which are found in the spikes. (The various vaccines are based on creating a weakened form of this aspect of the virus, namely the spike, which is its means for become a parasite). If the virus cannot replicate, it dies.
3. Boost the immune system by helping to trigger the release of additional antibodies including interleukin and interferon.
According to Dr. Rowen, Ozone Therapy will also help damp down what is known as the cytokine storm which is the major cause of death from this invader. It is not Covid-19 that kills the person, but rather the over-reaction of the immune system. Since this is a new virus, it takes too long for some human bodies to recognize the invader and if that happens, the immune system over-reacts and its killer cells not only destroy the virus, but also attacks the person’s own organs, such as the lungs, and the person dies of organ failure. Ozone Therapy will help prevent this situation from happening.
A key point to keep in mind is that a vaccine will not kill the Covid virus. Nor can the vaccine be given to any of the 150,000+ people in ICU’s. Once a person is infected, a vaccine becomes useless. The entire premise of a vaccine is the implicit belief that all of us have within us the killer cells we need to defeat this virus. What a vaccine is, is a castrated form of a key aspect of the virus, in this instance, the spike, not the virus itself, but its key for entering the host. Once this molecule is given to the subject in the form of a vaccine, the immune system kicks into gear and seeks to destroy the cells of the vaccine. Then, due to the incredible memory of our immune system, a product of hundreds of millions of years of evolution, when the actual Covid-19 virus is inhaled, we already have the antibodies available to multiply and take down this invasion.
Once this is realized it now becomes apparent that all Ozone Therapy is, is enhancing what our own immune system is already doing. We obviously need oxygen to give the immune system additional energy and we need ozone to destroy the virus. It is a simple and as fundamental as that.
Ozone therapy is successfully being used to disable the Covid virus in Wuhan China, in a dozen or more hospitals in Italy, in Sierra Leone, in Ibiza Spain and somewhat under the radar here in the USA. However, unfortunately there is dissention in the Ozone Therapy community because there are two major forms of this method. The first which is being used in China, Spain and Italy and also by some Ozone Therapists in the USA is called MAH for Major Autohemotherapy. This procedure involves the extraction of the subject’s blood, treating it with about 97% pure oxygen and 3% ozone and then reintroducing that mixture back into the person. This procedure can take between twenty minutes to over an hour.
The other method is DIV standing for Direct Intravenous, whereby these two gasses, 97% oxygen and 3% ozone, are injected directly into the bloodstream. This method takes about four or five minutes. For obvious reasons, this method is preferred when dealing with a pandemic and that is the method that was taught to the doctors in Sierra Leone.
Some of the MAH therapists wrongly condemn the DIV method and that is a cause of great concern. The key to understanding the difference centers around Dr. Howard Robins who started his clinic in Ozone Therapy in 1989 at the urging of his friend, Dr. Robert Atkins who used the MAH method. Dr. Robins utilized that procedure from about 1989 to 1995, averaging about 200 sessions per week. This averages out to about 10,000 times per year times 4.5 years. In other words, Dr. Robins has implemented the MAH procedure over 40,000 times.
In 1995, Dr. Robins switched to the DIV method and at the same worked to perfect it. He therefore differentiates his method which he calls HR-DIV (Howard Robins DIV) whereby he used the smallest needle available, the one used for newborn babies. A tourniquet is used to reveal a vein and the combination of gasses are slowly introduced into the bloodstream.
A common concern is that the DIV method will cause embolisms. This is completely without foundation. Having performed his HR-DIV method for about twenty years bringing us to 2014, which was the time Dr. Robins accompanied Dr. Rowen to West Africa, this calculates out to about 200,000 times. Side effects are negligible, no patient has ever had an embolism from this method, and the most common complaint among a handful of patients being some irritation to the vein. Dr. Robins points out that most drugs have numerous side effects. Ozone Therapy is quite safe and side effects are minimal.
From my point of view, as discussed above, I was first introduced to Ozone Therapy in 1984 when I saw Dr. Freibott’s lecture at the Tesla Conference, stating that the cancerous tumors of his patient were shed after receiving the injection of oxygen and ozone into his bloodstream. After finding confirmation that ozone inhibited the growth of human cancerous tumors in an article in Science, I placed this information in my Tesla biography and that was that. Jump ahead 34 years to the Covid pandemic, after doing some research, I saw immediately that the FDA has condemned this procedure declaring that “Ozone is a toxic gas with no medical application.”
The decision by Google to place this declaration at the very top of Ozone Therapy searches has had a devastating effect in causing medical personnel, newspaper reporters, TV talking heads and elected officials to completely write off this methodology even though the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. The 1980 Science article completely refutes the FDA’s position. And that information is over 40 years old! Further, there are literally hundreds of articles by medical doctors and university scientists finding efficacy with regards to Ozone Therapy.
In 2001, chemist Paul Wentworth, Ph.D. and his colleague, Robert Lerner, MD, discovered that our own antibodies produce ozone for the express purpose of disabling incoming pathogens. This discovery throws a monumental monkey-wrench onto the FDA position condemning this procedure. The clinical studies by Dr. Hernandez and his medical colleagues that Ozone Therapy shortened the stay of his Covid patients from four weeks to one week also refutes the FDA position.
The simple fact of the matter is that this pandemic could end literally in a matter of weeks if Ozone Therapy was simply used to treat the 150,000+ patients in ICUs throughout the country. If we are seeking blame for this pandemic, the onus of responsibility for this Covid nightmare rests not only on the FDA officials who for over 30 years have opposed this treatment, but also on Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, two infectious disease professionals who should have the objective ability to study the work of Wentworth and Lerner and the findings of Dr. Hernandez and realize the efficacy of this treatment process. Their decision to keep their heads in the sand has resulted in what may ultimately amount to over one half million dead Americans.
The real danger here is not just Covid, but the possibility that a new virus would emerge that kills like Ebola and spreads like Covid. Since Ebola has a 60% death rate, the death toll figures would have to be multiplied by 30, so that instead of 3,000 Americans dying a day, we would be looking at 90,000 a day! If this were to occur before America and the world wakes up to the simple efficacy of Ozone Therapy, our civilization would essentially disappear, much like that of Egypt, the Mayans, Greece and Rome.
America needs to Wake Up! There is nothing whatever ambiguous about the scientific evidence presented in this report. I therefore urge medical personnel, newspaper and TV reporters and elected officials who read this report to please contact Dr. Howard Robins and/or Dr. Robert Rowen so that they can begin to implement this procedure at a willing hospital. Ozone kills viruses, and Ozone Therapy has the capability of ending this Covid nightmare quickly if it is implemented under the guidance of these two medical professionals. The information herein is scientifically verifiable and self-evident. Ozone Therapy will end this pandemic and return our world to the one we took for granted for so many years. But if the strategy remains as is, placing all our eggs in the vaccine basket, we know for sure that that tact will result in several hundred thousand more dead Americans. So please Wake Up and act!
Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D., is the author of Wizard: The Life & Times of Nikola Tesla, Transcending the Speed of Light, The Definitive Book of Handwriting Analysis, Rasputin’s Nephew, Doppelgänger, Crystal Night, Fate Line. Framed! and his new biography Tesla: Wizard at War. A college psychology teacher for 40 years before retiring, Dr. Seifer has lectured at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Brandeis, West Point Military Academy, LucasFilms Industrial Light & Magic, the Open Center in New York City and the United Nations. Featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Nature and Scientific American with articles in Cerebrum, Psychiatric Clinics of North America, Civilization and Wired, he has appeared on NPR All Things Considered, Coast to Coast Radio, the BBC, on PBS American Experience, in the movie Tower to the People and on the 5-part limited History Channel series The Tesla Files, now on Amazon.

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