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 Post subject: The paranormal
PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:23 pm 
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At heart, I am mostly a skeptic to all things that I find incredible and
of a supernatural vane. After all, I am from Missouri and "You got to show
me!", but since Halloween is coming up, it might be interesting to read any
paranormal tinged posts that any of our list members may have experienced
through their lives. I have always found ghost stories interesting, if a bit
hard to swallow. I have never seen a ghost, but I have trained for a few
people who swear up and down to have had ghostly experiences. I remember
training for a trucking line owner one winter in Lexington, Ky and his
family told of ghostly experiences they endured while living in one of those
old southern plantation type houses. They were deathly serious and their
experiences could curl one's toes. I don't recall any specifics now, but I
was impressed back then from what they endured and these people were down to
earth and logical characters.

As I said, I have never seen anything I could call a ghost in my 65+ years, but I do
recall one very strange incident while I was interviewing for a horse training job
right out of college. I flew into New York City for an interview for a farm
trainer in or around 1974. I looked the place over, including his animals
and was allowed to stay over-night in the farm cottage where I would stay as
an employee--if I took the job. Nothing unusual about the house. However, in
the middle of that night, I was suddenly awakened by a tremendous force,
pushing my entire body down into my mattress. I literally could not move for
what seemed like long, long minutes. Finally, it seemed that the downward
force subsided, and I was able to reach up toward the bedside lamp and try
to turn it on. POP! The light bulb burned out with a flash! I thought, "Oh
shit!". I took the covers and put them over my head like a little kid and finally went back to sleep. The funny thing was, I did not really associate this experience with the supernatural at the time. After all, wasn't one suppose to actually see a ghost? I mean, I never really thought that much about ghosts back when I was young and if I did, I never associated ghosts with invisible pushing. So that night, it never really occurred to me that this might be a ghostly phenomena. Only that this was the strangest thing that ever had happened to me and I had no idea why or what it was! I woke up that next morning with no further experiences and in the light of a new day, thought to myself that this was the strangest thing I have ever experienced--not really thinking about ghosts! I didn't mention it to the farm’s owner or anyone else.

Years later while racing at the AKSARBEN racetrack in Omaha, Neb, I happened to watch a supernatural documentary on the local tv channel. It mentioned that light bulbs often burn out around "spirits". I had no idea. Of course, that jolted my long ago memory about my experience in that New York farm cottage. I admit, light bulbs do burn out occasionally for all of us and there is such a thing as sleep paralysis that is written about in the books, but to me that long ago experience was unique. I was not only paralyzed that night, but I was being pushed down into the mattress. I some how doubt that this could be termed sleep paralysis, because I was not only paralyzed, but I had the distinct sensation of being pushed DOWN into the mattress. I should think sleep paralysis would only involve a feeling of being unable to move without a pushing down effect, but who knows? I have never experienced anything similar, before or since that one lone night.

One last experience, I was training at a farm before shipping to the
track in the Spring and my young horses would always look up at the rafters
and shy in only one spot in the arena in which I was working them. This barn
was not far from a small country cemetery, hundred feet or so. I always jokingly asked the
ghosts to go on and stop scaring my horses and always on the next pass, my
youngsters would go on without seeing a thing. Sure, horses always see
"ghosts", but I found it quite amusing that unless I actually asked, they
would continue to shy in that arena corner, over and over again--looking up
at apparently nothing.

Anybody else have had strange experiences?

Clariel writes:

In March 2007 I had to euthanize my favorite mare. Before she left this world I promised her I would look for her again at the OBS Fall Sale. I saw hundreds of dark bay/brown fillies with a white star but none were in my price range or similar to her. The final day of the sale, I took interest in an in foal broodmare who's dam was by Exceller. The consigner's son asked me to take her for free. I told the old mare I was broken hearted-and could she please give me a dark bay brown filly with a white star and half pastern on the rear. She did just that. And the exact image of my mare, Legal Battle.She acts just like her as well. Spooky!

Marveena writes:

I picked up a kitten on Halloween at a truck stop in Weatherford, TX. The kitten came with it's ghost mama. At the time(long time a go) I had a waterbed. The kitten would jump in bed and walk down the bed and curl up beside me to sleep. Since it was a water bed you could see the impressions all the way of his little paws.Right after the kitten jumped the ghost cat would jump up and you could see the impression on the water bed.On a water bed you can feel every thing. Then you would see tiny impressions walking down the middle of the bed. Then the cat would curl up by the kitten and lie down. I am a show me girl too! But I could see it with my own eyes. I asked a psychic what was going on, she said the mama cat and been hit by a car near the truck stop and just wanted to stay near her last surviving kitten for a while to make sure he was protected. The ghost cat would also jump up on my kitchen cabinets, and I would see her out of the corner of my eye. The ghost cat looked just like the kitten, I would get mad and think is was the kitten jumping on the cabinets. Which was a No! I would turn to scold the kitten only to find him in another part of the house a sleep. That is the part of the eye that sees vibrations that are not in the physical realm. That kitten turned out to be one of my all time favorite cats!

Yup! I am a believer too!

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